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Monday, August 13
Tbilisi Club Cancels Moscow Event After Public Outcry

Top Tbilisi music club Bassiani was forced to cancel an event in Moscow following a mass public outcry.

That three resident DJs of Bassiani were to perform at the Red Bull Music Festival in Moscow in mid-September was announced by the event organizers on August 9.

Many Georgians took to Facebook to express their condemnation of the upcoming performance, saying Bassiani’s decision was insulting to the country, especially as it was announced during the 10th anniversary of the Russo-Georgian war.

Critics also stressed Bassiani’s performance in Russia was a betrayal to the idea of freedom and resistance that the music club positioned itself to stand for, referring to the mass protests in Tbilisi that followed the May 12 police raid at Bassiani.

The club owners responded to the concerns a day later, saying their sole purpose was to participate in the event dedicated to resistance against repressive regimes, including that of Vladimir Putin. They, however, said their “sincere intentions” were misunderstood, including by Bassiani supporters and friends.

“We entirely share the concerns that have been voiced by the public against us. We also share that the performance was announced in tough times for Georgia, during the 10th anniversary of the August war, which further augmented their disappointment,” they added.

“Our goal since the very first day we were established has been to fight against the decaying post-Soviet legacy, that has been continued by contemporary Russia and the Putin regime,” Bassiani owners also wrote, adding that they would continue their “uncompromising battle against those sharing these [regressive] values.” “, and a lot of people can not go back to their homes because of that. Our voice has to be heard by the world – No to Occupation,” Bassiani concluded.

The Red Bull Festival is an international electronic music festival organized by the Red Bull Academy. This is the first time Moscow is hosting the event.

Historical artifacts discovered in Tbilisi

Two historical artifacts discovered on the Gudiashvili Square during the rehabilitation works, which are being carried out within the joint project of Tbilisi City Hall and the Tbilisi Development Foundation.

As Tbilisi City Hall told InterPressNews, the discovered swords will be handed over to the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation, which carries out archaeological supervision of rehabilitation works.

Within the frameworks of the same works, ceramic products - large, medium and small size clay pitchers were discovered in the Kvevris placed in the basement on Akhospireli Street,

“The mark, lettered on the ceramic vessels, which were discovered on Akhospireli Street, is placed on the newly discovered swords,” Tbilisi City Hall says.