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Georgian Cuisine Worldwide

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, August 22
Georgian cuisine, which refers to the cooking styles and dishes of the country, features various dishes already introduced to the foreign markets.

Georgia was mentioned in the top list of the most delicious European cuisines developed by the US edition the Thrillist.

As it is hard to find vegetarian or vegan dishes in many cuisines, it is worth mentioning that Georgian cuisine is rich with these dishes, including beans, Pkhaleuli (edible greens), Mchadi (traditional Georgian cornbread), walnuts, etc.

Walnuts are the workhorse of Georgian cooking - an essential ingredient in the menu.

Many dishes are made with vegetables, although eggplant with walnuts is considered the king of Georgian cold dishes. Thin, long slices of eggplant are cooked until brown and soft, then the paste of walnuts, vinegar, and spices is spread on the eggplant slices, which are then rolled.

In the rating, Georgia ranked fourth after Italy, France, and Spain. Khachapuri was listed as a key forward of Georgian national cuisine.

Various restaurants are operating worldwide including Supra in Washington DC, Kargi Gogo in Portland, etc.

Sean Fredericks, co-owner of the restaurant – Kargi Gogo - and his wife, served in the Peace Corps in Georgia from 2010 to 2012, where they fell in love with the food.

It is noteworthy that recently, the Washington Post dedicated an article to Georgian condiment: “Adjika: A Georgian condiment that brings fire to the table.”

The article was explaining the history of Adjika in details noting that one can even purchase acceptable jars of Adjika on the Eastern European market.