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Wednesday, September 19
National Environmental Agency detected lower lead content than average in air

National Environmental Agency (NEA) has conducted monitoring on Tbilisi’s air and reported that the lead content in the air is lower than the norm.

The issue of lead content in the population’s blood has been widely discussed recently.

Noe Megrelishvili, the head of the Environmental Pollution Monitoring Department of NEA stated that the lead content in the air in Georgia is less than the permissible norm.

“The quality of the air was observed for several days and this research does not allow us to make serious conclusions, but it’s been confirmed that the lead content is a few times less than the European norms effective from August 1,” he said.

He also noted that the higher rate of lead content was noted in Rustavi, which is due to the factories of metal and cement production in the city.

“[The lead content] is low in Kutaisi and Batumi as well, but slightly higher in Rustavi compared to the three cities, which is logical due to metallurgy.

According to Megrelishvili, the lead content in atmospheric air depends on the quality of the fuel. Since 2005, selling fuel that contains lead has been banned.

Dismissal of several employees of Rustaveli Theatre

The Ministry of Culture stated that the dismissal of employees of Rustaveli Theatre was carried out within the frames of restructuring and reorganization.

According to unofficial information that was spread on September 17, there are several dozen employees of the theater, including several actors.

The Ministry also emphasized that the information refers to several employees and not several dozens.

“Rustaveli Theatre will make a relevant statement on the dismissal of employees due to the reorganization,” said the Ministry. (By Mariam Chanishvili)