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Friday, October 5
Zaur Gurchiani, IDP from Abkhazia released from Sokhumi prison

An internally displaced person (IDP) from Abkhazia, Zaur Gurchiani was released from Sokhumi isolator after 2 months of imprisonment.

Gurchiani, 52, was detained by the occupational regime with charges of illegal crossing of the so-called border on August 5.

Prime Minister’s advisory for regional development issues made a statement noting that all relevant governmental structures were negotiating with the demand of Gurchiani’s dismissal.

“Zaur Gurchiani left the territory of occupied Abkhazia on Wednesday and returned to his family. According to family members, Zaur Gurchiani has not been physically assaulted, but is in serious psychological condition,” reported the advisory for regional development issues.

Zaur Gurchiani's family thanked the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze and his advisor for regional development issues, Sozar Subari, who did everything from the first minutes to get him back to his family.

Gurchiani's house was burned during the war in Sokhumi. His family left Abkhazia through Chuberi village and lives there since then. Their relatives are still in the village of Azhara in Abkhazia and Zaur periodically visited them.

Georgian PM: Doing business in Georgia now easier for foreigners

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze made a started on a new government initiative, according to which the citizens of 34 countries will be able to register electronically companies in Georgia, open bank accounts and use various taxes.

Bakhtadze noted that this initiative will become a prerequisite for Georgia to become the region's financial center.

“Citizens of 34 countries will have a chance to electronically register their companies and open bank accounts, take advantage of the preferential tax regimes in Georgia,” he said.

He also added that all agencies will be given the relevant task and the legislative amendments have been sent to the Georgian Parliament. According to him, the government's goal is to serve the citizens of 34 countries since January 1, 2019.

Members of the government team met with representatives of business circles on Thursday, where the prime minister said they would write more detail about this "historic initiative". (By Mariam Chanishvili)