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Monday, November 5
By Mariam Chanishvili

Former Parliamentary Chairman on Presidential Elections

The former Parliamentary Chairman and the leader of the Movement for Construction Davit Usupashvili made a statement via social media regarding the presidential elections.

He thanked the 36 037 citizens who voted for him on October 28.

“Being in power would be a burden for me. Voters feel it and many of them saved me by not voting for me… I cannot dig new abysses on the political scene; I try to build bridges on the existing ones. However, those who ruin get more votes in the Georgian elections…

I treat citizens like my partners and talk with them. However, it turned out that in the Georgian elections, politicians should talk with voters in the “electorate language” and sneak their votes… I failed to attract businessmen as well and spent record low finances. It turns out that apart from the thirst for power, I do not have other skills necessary for the Georgian politics either: if necessary, I should have stolen, lied and cheated... however, if I had these traits, I would not be who I am,” reads the statement by Davit Usupashvili.

According to the final results of the first round of the elections published by Georgian Central Election Commission (CEC), Davit Usupashvili obtained 2.26 percent.

Agreement on friendship and cooperation between Syria and de facto South Ossetia

De facto Parliament of the occupied region of South Ossetia is planning to ratify the so-called agreement on friendship and cooperation with Syria.

The so-called agreement highlights the cooperation between the Syrian regime and occupied “South Ossetia” in the fields of foreign policy and economy. It also specifically states that "the South Ossetian authorities will promote the creation of economic, financial and legal conditions for the investment and economic activities".

It is worth mentioning that the document was signed within the frames of de-facto president Anatoly Bibilov’s visit to Damascus on July 23.

Syria recognized two Russian-controlled regions of Georgia - Abkhazia and South Ossetia - as independent states in spring 2018.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry responded by saying it was breaking off diplomatic relations with Syria.