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Monday, April 1
By Anita Magradze

Giorgi Gakharia meeting with the locals of the villages nearby the occupation line

Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Gakharia visited the village of Khurvaleti nearby the division line, where he met with the locals and employees.

Gakharia, along with the first deputy, Kakha Sabanidze, deputy – Vladimer Bortsvadze and Governor of Shida Kartli, Giorgi Khojevanisvili, was informed about the existing situation at the place and discussed the challenges concerning security with the locals.

Director of Analytical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs- Kakhaber Kemoklidze presented the maps reflecting the location of the barbed wire fences in the occupied area.

Minister of Internal Affairs, along with other officials of the agency and the representatives of local government, also talked to the family of Vanishvili, left outside the division line in new Khurvaleti.

“Giorgi Gakharia visited the guard post of the former hall of the regional divisions of Khurvaleti and Erdevi.

At the meeting with the Special Tasks Department and the police officers, the Minister emphasized the importance of creating a safe environment for the local population and the necessity of a rational response to the existing challenges, "the MIA reports.

The approved strategy of a foreign policy of 2019-2022

The Georgian government approved the strategy of Georgia's foreign policy in 2019-2022.

According to MIA, This is a qualitatively new, high-legitimate national-level document, which, unlike previous strategies, has been approved by the Government of Georgia and is a more specific and consequence-oriented document, reflecting the strategic objectives and goals of Georgia’s foreign policy, as well as the priority directions, for which the MIA and the entire government should take specific steps during the next 4 years.

“The document was compiled with the strategy of an interagency council, which will further contribute to defining competence and sectorial directions of government agencies for achieving political goals of Georgia’s foreign policy.

The central office of the ministry of Foreign affairs and the diplomatic missions abroad, as well as the representatives of the governmental structures, parliament and civil societies, were broadly engaged in the working process of the strategy.”- the Foreign department states.