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Take a pause with píauza at Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace

By Levan Abramishvili
Wednesday, May 15
If not enjoying a magnificent view of Tbilisi with a specialty cocktail at Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace, or tasting magic desserts the place offers, there is píauza spa center on the lower level of the newly-renovated hotel.

Píauza is unique in many ways, but what makes it stand out from others is the professionalism and hospitality of the spa employees.

The Messenger spoke with the assistant recreation manager of píauza , Megi Kveladze, about the spa and its worldview. Megi shows around the Indoor and outdoor pool, saunas, steam room, and luxury skincare brands like Elemis and Hammamii.

What is the concept of píauza?

Our approach is based on an old Georgian idea, Tsutisopeli, which signifies the momentary nature of life. The concept is as, if not more, relevant now as when it was first heard. This message also reminds that even though life moves fast, we desire to live healthy and happy, as we always have.

The meaning of Tsutisopeli, life is just a minute, became the inspiration behind the píauza concept.

In a demanding family and work environment, self-care can often be seen as a selfish act. But without taking care of our bodies and souls, we canít meet our obligations. At píauza, we invite our guests to make time for themselves, to pause, to take moments, short or long, to engage in self-care activities that they desire. It is motivating and empowering.

We have crafted a range of lifestyle and well-being experiences in line with four essential pillars of well-being that píauza stands on: movement, restoration, mindfulness, and touch.

Please tell us more about these four pillars.

The movement comprises exercise, which has a positive effect on muscle tension, sleep, appetite, stress, and mood.

Restoration embraces the power of sleep, which can never be underestimated. Itís how we rest and restore our mind and body, playing an essential role in our brainís ability to function along with bettering our physical health.

Mindfulness is about taking time, short or long, to pause and connect with yourself, physically and mentally, and your surroundings.

Touch: The effects and benefits of therapeutic touch can be powerful and are scientifically proven to improve physical and mental well-being.

What makes píauza stand out from others?

Our spa center píauza is not just a comfortable space, but itís a whole conception. The staff is friendly and professional. Aside from unique and unforgettable aromatherapy massages, we offer Morrocan, Georgian and United Arab Emirates hammam procedures. At our gym, we have individual and group fitness workouts. We also offer manicure, pedicure, and a wide range of face and body procedures.

Tell us a bit more about what hammam is, please.

The essence of the traditional hammam is nurture and purification. Its rituals deliver a memorable sensory experience that has cleansed and nourished the body for centuries. Hammamii, the authentic spa range is freshly made in the UAE using only all natural and quality ingredients found locally within the region, such as camelís milk from the Dubai desert, salts drawn from the Arabian Sea in Abu Dhabi, preserved lemons, Sumac, and the traditional Arabian spice Zaíatar. Hammamii uses organic ingredients taking full advantage of their naturally derived vitamins and minerals.

We have different hammam rituals from different parts of the world. Moroccan Hammam Ritual leaves you stimulated and renewed with the combination of ghassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains and pure argan oil.

Emirates Hammam Ritual creates a powerful experience for mind and body using the mineral-rich camelís milk from the desert and the aromas of Arabian coffee and zaíatar spice.

We also offer Georgian Hammam Ritual, using Georgian chestnut, honey, and salt. A blend of local clays softens the skin while enjoying the warmth of the private hammam.

Píauza offers its guests different packages, suited for different lifestyles. They have everything from bridal parties to babymoon packages. One of our favorites is the digital detox, which entails leaving your gadgets safely in the lockers and embarking on a self-care journey with different well-being services offered by píauza .

Those wishing to continue their self-care outside of the spa can purchase products from Elemis, the #1 Luxury British Skincare Brand. Every formula of Elemis is an innovative blend of science with the chemistry of nature, carefully crafted by a dedicated team of explorers, scientists, and skincare experts.

Whether youíre trying to get away from your busy lifestyle with a spa day or want to stay in shape, píauza will offer a perfect treatment in that sense. Professional and friendly personnel and luxurious skincare brands will make sure to leave you refreshed and contented.