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Wednesday, July 10
Ukrainian MP to support and spend summer vacation in Georgia

The member of Ukraine’s Parliament, Alex Ryabchin commented after Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree prohibiting Russian airlines from transporting Russian citizens to Georgia.

He noted that he would like to spend his summer vacation in Georgia to support the country.

According to him, restrictions from the Russian side are not unusual to Ukraine, and Georgia’s answer to this challenge should be diversification of tourism markets and popularization of the country.

“Every challenge has its response; Georgia must invite more people from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, and many other countries. For example, when I meet politicians from all over the world, I always tell them to visit Odessa and also advise them to visit Georgia because it is a fascinating country. I will support you from Ukraine, so Georgia should try to benefit from this situation,” said Alex Ryabchin.

Russian blogger threatens Giorgi Gabunia for insulting Putin

Russian blogger Alexander Gorny writes that Georgian journalist, Giorgi Gabunia insulted the Russian nation by insulting the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin during the live broadcast on July 7, and he is ready to defend the dignity of the country and its citizens.

“We heard terrible insults that are simply unacceptable. In the Caucasus and not only there, words - mother, father, graves of ancestors - are sacred. I, as “Putin’s slave,” as he mentioned us, challenge him to fight. Any place and time” writes Alexander Gorny in a blog published on Echo of Moscow.

He also wrote that there are millions of Russians ready to protect the dignity of the country and the president.

Gabunia’s monologue, which was prepared in Russian, was directed to Putin and was offensive in its form and context. He has been suspended from work for two months.

Nika Gvaramia, director general of Rustavi 2 TV, also commented live on the same day.

“After Gabunia’s show, I think Rustavi 2 owes an explanation to the public. While I share the pathos and am not going to apologize for swearing at Putin, I still believe that the form was not politically correct,” said Gvaramia.
(By Mariam Chanishvili)