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Parliament approves PM Gakharia’s Government with 98 votes

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, September 9
The majority has supported the new government of Giorgi Gakharia, which means that the former Minister of Internal Affairs will now be the head of the Georgian Government. 99 MP’s registered and 98 of them voted in favor of Gakharia’s Government.

The process of declaration of the vote of confidence to the newly presented cabinet has been going for a week now. As the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, Archil Talakvadze noted, during the week, “the committee formats included dynamic dialogs around the Government Program and Candidates, several significant inquiries were presented.”

The Speaker also addressed the opposition colleagues and noted that the Parliament of Georgia adheres to the political culture and standards that should be characteristic of any European Parliament.

During the week, newly appointed Prime Minister had to answer questions of opposition as well as the members of the ruling party. Gakharia also had to talk about the Gavrilov Night and noted that the night of June 20-21 should not be called the “Gavrilov Night”, because it was the night when destructive forces tried to take the building of the Parliament.

“It may have been Gavrilov's day, though it was a night of storming the parliament building,” noted Gakharia.

As Gakharia pointed out, being in the parliament and answering the questions asked by MP’s on this issue proves once again that they are convinced in their truth. Also, Gakharia talked about the demand for his resignation, according to him, by leaving his post, he would make people think that he felt guilty for the events.

“Generally, any position is a challenge and a responsibility, nothing else. But the main motive why I did not leave the post was only a matter of a pure principle,” noted Gakharia.

Gakharia also talked about the occupation and noted that “it is a problem that will continue to be in our lives until resolved.” As Gakharia pointed out, the population of Georgia is living under occupation daily. Also, as the newly appointed Prime Minister noted, the country will not be fully developed until the occupation problem is resolved.

After the decision was announced, Gakharia talked about the meeting with the opposition-held on September 7.

As Gakharia noted, “European Georgian took control of the microphone and did not let me answer the questions. If they liked what I had to say, they would turn the microphone on, if they did not like it – they would not let me talk. I can’t see what is the difference between Gavrilov and Kapanadze sitting in the chair of the Speaker of Parliament. Sergi Kapanadze (Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, member of European Georgia) is a Georgian Gavrilov.”

Talking about the plans for the future, Gakharia said that “the government has many good initiatives and plans.”

“Now is the time to concentrate on a real result. We must fully and effectively develop a state bureaucracy to bring all the good initiatives to each citizen. These are the main tasks of our government – hard work, effectiveness and results. We will do our best to provide the population with the fastest, most measurable results possible soon,” noted PM.

As Gakharia stressed, the state bureaucracy must be efficient and conscientious, which means focusing on the needs of each citizen.

According to the political expert, Gia Khukhashvili, the new government should be called “An Attempt to Maintain Power.” According to him, no State tasks can be seen with the new cabinet. As Khukhashvili noted, many people who have the potential to be a good help for their country are being used by the Government and are thrown away afterward, in Khukhashvili’s opinion, Gakharia is one of those people.

The plenary session started yesterday, September 8, at 10:00. One of the issues covered at the September 8 plenary session was the new composition of the Government of Georgia and the Government Program for 2019-2020 as well as the declaration of the vote of confidence to the newly presented cabinet.

During the session, definitive phase of giving the vote of confidence to the new composition of the Government and the PM Candidate was convened at the Parliament, where the MPs heard a report by the PM Candidate, which was pursued with discourses of committees, factions and MPs, after which, the Parliament resolved the issue of giving the vote of confidence to the new Government. As a result, Giorgi Gakharia became the new Prime Minister of Georgia.