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Friday, October 18
By Lizi Zurabiani

Davit Dvali and Jarji Akimidze file lawsuit in Tbilisi City Court demanding 60% of Rustavi 2 shares

“We demand that our share is returned. Starting today, we are going to fight under the Civil Law,” one of the founders of Rustavi 2 TV company David Dvali told reporters after filing a lawsuit in Tbilisi City Court.

The founders of Rustavi 2, Davit Dvali, Jarji Akimidze and Kakha Kojoridze, the defender of their interests, filed a lawsuit in Tbilisi City Court over the demand to return 60% of Rustavi 2 TV company.

According to David Dvali, up until now, there was a criminal dispute so far, and today the civil law dispute will start over the return of the TV company's share.

“We demand the return of our share. In 2004, we were deprived of our share in Rustavi 2, completely illegally, with violence and harsh interference by the government. The lawsuit is based on the processes that have recently taken place over Rustavi 2, the processes that took place in Georgia and later in the Strasbourg court, which opened the legal way for us to start a civil dispute. Until now we have only addressed criminal prosecution to the Prosecutor's Office, and today we are starting a dispute on the civil law line,” said David Dvali.

Paata Salia, Director General of Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company commented on the story. According to him, in the case of Kibar Khalvashi's lawsuit, the statute of limitations was not up, and the founders of the TV company are late to file a lawsuit, which had to be filed before 2014.

“It is too early to talk about the content of the lawsuit, but I can make one comment from the facts revealed at the press conference. There is a difference between the suits of Kibar Khalvashi and Jarji Akimidze and David Dvali, as there is a huge difference in time. First, Kibar Khalvashi filed a civil lawsuit against the City Court during his 10-year limit, he also had directed the prosecutor’s office back in 2007 and this was assessed by the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Georgia that Kibar Khalvashi's application to the Prosecutor's Office was in the timeframe of the status of limitation and it was from this assessment that Kibar Khalvashi's claim was upheld. In this case, let's see how the court will assess the issue of limitation, although it is my position as a lawyer that their lawsuit is late and they should have filed it before 2014," said Salia.

General Assembly of International Trade Union Confederation to be held in Tbilisi in 2020

The General Assembly of the International Confederation of Trade Unions will be held in Tbilisi in 2020. The decision was made on October 17th at the meeting of the General Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) in Brussels. According to the Trade Union, among the candidates were Singapore, Melbourne, Tokyo, San-Paolo, and Rome.

"Not only the capital of Georgia, but no small country has ever had the honor of hosting an event of such importance and magnitude as the meeting of the World Trade Union's main governing body - the General Council.

Representatives and leaders of 120 countries will visit Tbilisi to participate in the General Assembly and make decisions on social and economic issues of global importance. The share of Petriashvili, the Chairman of the Trade Union of Georgia, in the making of this decision in favor of our country must be mentioned, which, in turn, is a great honor and recognition of the Georgian Trade Unions. The session of the General Council of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) continues in Brussels today,” reads the statement.

Irakli Petriashvili is Vice President of the International Trade Union Confederation and participates in the meeting with this status. The main topic of discussion is empowering the workers.

Meeting held on the issue of preservation of cultural heritage in the occupied territories

A meeting was held in Giorgi Chubinashvili National Research Center for Georgian Art History and Monument Protection. The meeting focused on the issue of preservation of cultural heritage in the occupied territories, announced by the Rustaveli Foundation for the Promotion of Scientific Research Projects on the Occupied Territories of Georgia and the Grant Competition for International Scientific Events 2019, the main concept of a possible inter-agency joint conference.

According to Shota Rustaveli's Georgian National Science Foundation, it was decided to define the main path of the conference in the international legal context and to share the experience of the world.

The meeting was attended by Jaba Samushia, Deputy Director-General of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, Director of the George Chubinashvili National Center for the Study of Georgian Art History and Monument Protection, Tamar Belashvili, Director of the Institute of History Giorgi Cheishvili, Research Fellow of the National Center of Manuscripts, Tamar Chumburidze, Chubinashvili Center staff: Mariam Gabashvili and Tamta Khosroshvili.