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Chair of EU Integration Committee talks about key issues of Georgia with other officials

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Friday, October 18
The Chair of the EU Integration Committee, Tamar Khulordava met with the Head of the Eastern Partnership Relations of the European External Action Service, Richard Tibbels, the Head of Political, Press & Information Section of the EU Representation, Asuncion Sanchez Ruiz and her Deputy, Monika Csaki.

The guests were interested in the reforming of Georgian judicial and electoral systems and the election of the Supreme Court Judges.

“Even though the election of the Judges has been subject to criticism due to the high political polarization, we shall not abstain from the positive assessment of the ongoing events. This is an unprecedented process in Georgia and the Parliament takes high responsibility. Everyone who is concerned, including MPs and civil society, are actively engaged in the interviewing process. Also, every member well realizes own individual responsibility,” noted Khulordava during the meeting.

The Chairman of the Committee on European Integration focused on the issue of strengthening the legislative body and its oversight function, which was effectively guaranteed under the new Rules of Procedure for the first time. She outlined the importance of the Committee inquiry for effective enforcement of the law.

The representatives of the delegation welcomed the involvement of various sectors in the legislative process under the Association Agreement. At the meeting, the importance of visa liberalization in the relations between Georgia and the EU was emphasized, and as noted, both sides should do their utmost for uninterrupted visa-free travel.

For this reason, the Parliament of Georgia must work on creating a relevant legislative framework and properly informing the population. It requires the active participation of the Parliament in the creation of the respective legislative frame and provision of the population with information. As the guests have visited the occupation line during their visit, they also talked about the role of the EUMM at the place and necessity of the EU support.

During the meeting, Tibbels asked about the expectations of Georgia within the EaP and the visions about future partnership development, as well as attitude to participation in the EuroNest Belarus Summit.

According to Khulordava, Georgia cherishes higher expectations from the EaP than the EU intends to offer. Khulordava said that the EU should continue cooperating with the member states and in this regard, she underlined the recent meetings in France and Germany, as well as enhancement of links between the EaP member states and especially economic ties as it facilitates to trade diversification and hence, independence from Russia-related trade bonds.

Speaking about the desired messages, she dwelt on the maintenance of the positive political dynamics, an increase of financial aid, enhancement of sector cooperation and materialization of the EaP investment action plan.

“The Associate States need the diversified offers and the action plan to further approximate to the EU,” stressed she.

As for Belarus's participation in the EuroNest Summit, as the Chairman of the Committee on European Integration noted, Georgia only welcomes this.

The parties expressed hope that the upcoming summit would help all parties to formulate a clearer plan and ensure the sustainability of the results of the Eastern Partnership policy.