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Wednesday, November 6
By Liza Mchedlidze

‘This decision deserves to be supported’ Kaladze on Ivanishvili’s decision to replace trees on mount Mtatsminda

Mayor of Tbilisi Kakha Kaladze publicly supports Georgian Dream’s founder Bidzina Ivanishvili’s decision to replace dead or diseased trees of Caucasian breed on mount Mtatsminda. Ivanishvili spoke about his plan in an interview with Entrepreneur.

Kaladze states that the capital is facing serious problems with pine-trees, as many trees are dried up. The most problematic places are the mount Mtatsminda and Turtle Lake area. According to him, Tbilisi City Hall is working on the solution to this problem.

“Mtatsminda - Turtle lake and Tskneti territories are a huge issue, most of the trees are dead or diseased and it is very visible. This decision deserves to be supported, It is very important to replace these trees, it is planned to invest 15 million to support this. We have encouraged private businesses to invest in this issue several times because this is not only City Hall’s problem, but the problem of the whole city in general. 15 million is considered to be spent from his personal fund, this is a very important project and Mtatsminda will be very beautiful,” says Kaladze.

First Anti-avalanche system to be installed in Gudauri this year

The installation of the first Anti-avalanche system is planned to be installed in Gudauri this year. According to Tamaz Gamtsemlidze, head of the Mountain Resorts Development Company, the budget for the project is 21 million. The installation is planned to start in 2019 and will be finalized in 2020.

"We are installing a completely different Anti-avalanche system in Gudauri. This is a 21 Million dollar project with Europian standards. Construction will continue for one year and will be completed next year. Swiss experts were involved in this project. Also, French specialists are going to spend their winter in Georgia to study all the risks and prepare a detailed report," says Gamtsemlidze.

Seven green busses out of promised 40 are in Tbilisi

Only seven busses of MAN’s brand out of promised 40 were brought to Tbilisi. Kakha Kaladze, the Mayor of Tbilisi informed the population through live broadcasting about the buses. The frame also featured ISUZU brands. The busses were supposed to arrive in Tbilisi on May 3 but the contract’s articles were not fulfilled.

Based on the contact, a single day delay is fined 0,2 percent of Bus value. 40 busses overall daily fine is 40 000 dollars.

German ambassador: Borders based on inhumanity will not last long

The German ambassador to Georgia, Hubert Knirs, is focusing on the de-facto South Ossetian border crossing with the Georgian side and the humanitarian consequences of the "boarderization." In a statement issued by the German embassy, the ambassador said it would be good for those in charge to learn the lessons of the Berlin Wall in Tskhinvali and Moscow:

“In recent days, we have often heard that de facto South Ossetian authorities prohibit citizens from crossing the administrative line even in severe medical cases. In this case, the humanitarian consequences of the so-called 'borderization' become clear again. It would be good for those in charge to learn the lessons of the Berlin Wall in Tskhinvali and Moscow: boundaries based on inhumanity will not last long," the German ambassador to Georgia, Hubert Knirsch, said in his statement.

The Akhalgori, so-called Razdakhan checkpoint has been closed for two months: de facto authorities do not even provide emergency medical assistance to citizens at the Tbilisi controlled territory.

Tamar Gigauri, who fell into the well of several meters in Akhalgori occupied territory and received several body injuries is demanding to be taken to Tbilisi for treatment.

Margo Martiashvili died at the end of October in the village of Ikoti as she was not transported from Ergneti to the territory controlled by the Georgian authorities.

Gakharia Bust stolen in front of the Parliament, Activists state

Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia Bust which was installed after June 20 protests, vanished. Activists think it was stolen in front of the parliament.

Russia Is an Occupier Facebook page published a photo of an empty spot where Gakharia bust used to stand.


How to identify: Looks like a criminal, eye expression and verbal technique of Russian style. Ruling style - KGB.

He apologizes a lot, so don’t get fooled.

Last seen on June 20 along with the German ambassador,

The reward will be transferred in Russian Ruble."

The bust was installed after June 20 protests and it used to have a button which when pressed, 'Gakharia' would start talking and apologizing. The bust was installed to mock his infamous apology after Police raided night clubs and beat peaceful citizens.