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Importance of visual storytelling: every business needs to form its Unique Visual Voice

Thursday, December 19
It is an undeniable fact that photography is crucial to marketing, but some businesses are still skeptical about its value. When photographic studio Cloud Studio was founded it consolidated the experience of founders in PR, Marketing and photography, shaping it all together. Team members know that regardless of the marketing strategy or the working field, the essential piece is the power of visual communications that makes the difference.

“When we first started, we knew that a good quality photo was the best marketing tool for companies. This tendency is surprising given many new visual tools developing in this age. Modern marketers are using visual storytelling to promote their businesses more often nowadays. As a result, photography became crucial and relevant more than ever before, to help you stand out in a pool of competitors,” says Nino Isakadze, co-founder and photographer at Cloud Studio. Nino has combined her paramount experience, creativity, strategic thinking, and passion for photography into one goal to establish a photo studio where images have no boundaries.

Even though there are various new products in a visual industry, 3D, virtual tours, Gifs and videos, the value of a still photo that tells a story has not changed and is growing daily. Marketers are ready to invest in good photos rather than in other products. The reason for this is simple:

- Readers tend to enjoy articles or press releases with good quality photos much more than the ones without it

- Companies that use or rely on E-Commerce have much bigger profit if they use good quality photos of the products they produce

- Consumers make the decision to make a purchase from an online shop based solely on photos

“We know from our experience that the goal of each marketer is to capture the imagination of their audience. This is where we step in with our professional and artistic photography. The process of working with the client is extremely interesting as we help them to find an edge to attract attention and retain it throughout their websites and social media channels,” says Ruso Dzigrashvili, the Project Manager and business developer at the Studio. In her previous positions, she has managed several challenging projects in different fields, with a major focus on marketing and communications and she finds it extremely rewarding to channel all the experience in dynamic and creative photo projects.

Cloud Studio team consists of strategic thinkers and creative workers who believe that the best and most natural images are born when there is a trustworthy and comfortable environment for them and their customers. They think of themselves as photographers, artists, marketers and trusted supporters of businesses.

“Customers for us are extremely important, we approach them as our partners, not only customers, meaning we lead the process along with them. We understand the message businesses need to deliver and that it has to happen quickly and with fewer words. Professional photography is fast, creative and effective and this is also what marketing is about. Businesses want to attract attention, but they need to do it in a subtle way,” says Isakadze.

Ira Kurameva, Co-founder of the studio who is a Freelance artist and photographer has also shared a few thoughts about the art of photography:

“Photography is not just about the right equipment, lens sharpness or your camera settings, but also about other more important elements such as voice, emotion and point of view. Everybody loves a well-told story because stories are the best way to evoke emotions. They can make us excited, laugh, cry or feel empathy for someone else, and we can achieve this by our photography.”

Before each photo project, the Cloud Studio team thoroughly prepares the shooting. The strategy considers all the key selling points of their client and develops the best possible compositions to showcase the studio at its best. This multidimensional experience has positioned Cloud Studio as the premier destination for photo content production. Their work is also suitable for business development.

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