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Thursday, December 19
By Liza Mchedlidze

GYLA lawyer says pupils were put under psychological pressure in Green School

Revaz Adjaradze, lawyer of the Georgian Young Lawyers Association states that regarding their testimonies about the case of the teenager's suicide attempt, pupils were put under the psychological pressure not only at the Police station but at the Mtsvane (green) School as well.

He says that the investigation will learn what form of communication did the administration of the school had with its pupils.

“All I can say is that this investigation has two parts. It is crucial to investigate the actions of the investigators who were leading this case as well as it is important to learn what happened in the Mtsvane School. Some testimonies indicate to flaws of the school administration communicating with kids. Children and adults have been questioned,” said Adjaradze at the TV Pirveli Live.

Adjaradze also confirmed that another teenager who attempted suicide as well as the friend of the victim who the police were pressuring to discern who wrote the signs on the walls of Mtsvane School. Allegedly, investigators set friends against each other at the police station which in the words of the lawyer was ‘very saddening’ and ‘stressful’ to both which later resulted in attempted suicide in both cases.

Detained Investigator of Teenager’s Police-driven suicide does not confess to crime

Mariana Choloiani, the detained investigator is accused of alleged psychological abuse and of driving the underage boy to suicide. Choloiani does not confess to the crime, lawyer Archil Shabashvili said.

The lawyer denies her involvement in this action as she has not charged the teenager for crime and has never tried to coerce him to confess. Lawyer’s main focus is for the investigation to study what was the situation in the Mtsvane School where the boy allegedly wrote signs on walls and was later questioned by the school administration.

“It is important to investigate what role did the school play in this case. When the police arrived, the school administration showed them the video footage and said who was on the tape. They also showed the police screenshots of private conversations from Facebook.

The lawyer also says that he will study the tape where it is shown that the teenager was ‘not alone’ during the questioning.

Mariana Choloiani has been hospitalized during her arrest after the death of the teenager and remains in the clinic.

In the past, she has been pleaded guilty by Strasbourg Court for coercing a detainee to testify to a crime. Despite that, she was allowed to work at Police under the former Ministry of Internal Affairs Giorgi Gakharia.