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Exhibition Lado Gudiashvili - Destination

By Mariam Chanishvili
Friday, January 10
Exhibition Lado Gudiashvili – Destination is open from December 20 at Lado Gudiashvili Exhibition Hall on Gudiashvili Street.

Different periods of the painter’s lifetime are presented within the frames of the exhibition, including graphic artworks.

The gallery of the 20th-century Georgian painting has been created by different people with personalities, distinguished by their artistic merits as well as by their individual charm. They include individuals who introduced innovative art forms and who earned a permanent place in the treasury of Georgia’s cultural heritage. One of these personalities is the artist Lado Gudiashvili.

Lado Gudiashvili was born on 18 March 1896 in Tbilisi, in the family of David Gudiashvili and Elizabeth Itonishvili. From an early age, he was drawn towards painting and drawing, and in 1914 he graduated from the Art School in Tbilisi.

The creative atmosphere in Tbilisi was especially lively in the teens and twenties of the 20th century. The city’s extraordinary variety inspired many European artists.

Georgian artists, along with their European colleagues, would meet and discuss matters of art in many venues in Tbilisi. The traditional places for passing time in Tbilisi were the Avlabari and Ortachala districts. Lado Gudiashvili was the soul of these artistic gatherings.

Lado Gudiashvili’s first period was inspired by Tbilisi and mainly depicted its exotic inhabitants: Kintos, Karachoghels and the scenes of life and leisure of traditional party-goers. The Kintos were small scale traders in Tbilisi.

Awarded with the title of People’s Artist of Georgia, Gudiashvili has also worked as a theatre decorator. His paintings became collectible and the art critics Andre Salmon and Maurice Reynaudre viewed his work.