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Georgian airports see 3% growth in passengers in 2019

By Levan Abramishvili
Friday, January 10
In 2019, Georgia’s airports served a total of 5,200,419 passengers, which is a 3% growth from the previous year (5,033,118 passengers in 2018), according to the United Airports of Georgia.

In December, there was a high rate of passenger growth at all international and domestic airports except for Tbilisi.

Tbilisi International Airport handled 221,760 passengers in December, which is a -15% less compared to the same period of the previous year (2018 - 261,097 passengers). A decrease of -3 percent was reported at 3,692,202 within the 12 months (2018 - 3,808,650 passengers).

The number of passengers in Kutaisi International Airport grew by 45% in December 2019 and amounted to 82,551 passengers (compared to 57,088 in 2018).

As for the 12 months data, in total, Kutaisi International Airport served 873,907 passengers in 2019, which is 42% more compared to the same period of the previous year (2018 - 617,342).

Despite the Russian travel ban in 2019, a rising trend was maintained at Batumi International Airport, which was used by 26,239 passengers in December of last year, which is 42% more compared to 18,492 passengers of 2018.

As for the annual sum, the number of passengers at Batumi International Airport in 2019 increased by 4% compared to the same period in the year 2018 and amounted to 624,178 passengers, compared to 598,862.

As for the domestic airports, Mestia and Ambrolauri airports had 10,132 passengers in 2019. Which is 23% more than 8,264 passengers in 2018.

Mestia Airport served 595 passengers in December, up 97% from a year earlier (302 in December 2018). In the 12 months, the number of passengers increased by 23% (6,741 passengers in 2018).

Ambrolauri Airport served 67 passengers in December, up 179% from a year earlier. (December 2018 - 24 passengers). As for the 12 months, passengers in Ambrolauri Airport in 2019, much like the Mestia Airport, has grown by 23% and served 1,866 passengers (2018 - 1,523 passengers).

United Airports of Georgia LLC, is a state-owned enterprise.UAG owns all airports in the country, including 3 international and 2 domestic airports at the moment. All those airport terminals have been fully rebuilt and all airport infrastructure has been modernized during the last 8 years.