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Wednesday, February 12
By Liza Mchedlidze

EU Parliament members Andrius Kubilius and Petras Austrevicius expresses deep concern over political events in Georgia

The European Parliament member and former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius expressed his deep concern over political events taking place in Georgia. Kubilius considers it is a huge issue that promises made by the Georgian parliament and the Chair of the Georgian Dream is not fulfilled regarding the political persecution of opposition leaders.

Kubilius stated that the European Parliament is expressing concern not as a supporter of a certain party but as Georgia’s friend. He is hoping that Georgia’s government will consider this concern.

"Based on what information we have, there is no longer an opposition political party that is not illegally persecuted by the government. That means that democratic development is in jeopardy in the country and it worries even those part of MEPs who consider us friends of Georgia and not of any party. To us, watching such a thing is very painful," he said.

Member of European Parliament Petras Austrevicius noted that the country's position has been weakened by negative messages from Georgia. He also commented on the detention of Gigi Ugulava, noting that the arrest of an opposition leader in any country is noteworthy, "no matter the basis."

“Considering the Association Agreement, Georgia is our partner and it concerns Human Rights criteria. At the same time, this is before the Eastern Partnership decision on how we respond to member states where Georgia is a leading country. We expect strong arguments from both Brussels and Tbilisi. Because of these negative messages, Georgia’s positions are weakening,” said Austrevicius.

The Supreme Court has sentenced Gigi Ugulava to custody on February 10, after which, the opposition suspended talks with the government and announced rallies.