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Wednesday, February 19
By Liza Mchedlidze

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan met with leaders of opposition parties

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan met with leaders of opposition parties. The information was released on the US Embassy's Facebook page.

The meeting discussed the political environment in Georgia.

“Today, Ambassador Kelly Degnan hosted opposition leaders to meet them and discuss Georgia's political environment. Ambassador Degnan reiterated the importance of all sides actively participating in the ongoing political dialogue and wider electoral reform process to address OSCE-ODIHR recommendations,” read the US Embassy's statement.

Opposition leaders were also present at the reception at the ambassador's residence, but the meeting was soon postponed due to the arrest of one of the leaders of European Georgia Gigi Ugulava.

On February 10th, the Supreme Court found Gigi Ugulava, leader of European Georgia, a former mayor of Tbilisi, guilty of embezzling money in the case of the Tbilisi Development Fund.

Soviet Union anthem plays in Parliament

At the plenary sitting of the Parliament of Georgia, during the speech of the Chairman of the Parliament, Archil Talakvadze, the delegates from the European Georgia Elene Khoshtaria and Irma Nadirashvili entered the hall and started playing the anthem of the Soviet Union. They were quickly removed from the courtroom by Officers of the Resource Department.

“Here they are, let us greet them with applause,” said Talakvadze, seeing opposition leaders entering and interrupting the speech.

Gia Volski called Khoshtaria and Nadirashvili ‘Skunks’ and asked if they brought poison with them to the sitting.

Khoshtaria told the media that this was a demonstration that they would not tolerate the establishment of the Soviet Union in Georgia.