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Exhibitions organized by GNM

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, February 26
Tbilisi History Museum presented two exhibitions this week, including an exhibition Neglected Memory by Ia Mchedlishvili and Flight # 4/12 by Keti Batiashvili and Teona Paichadze.

Flight # 4/12 combines two artists with different visions, outlooks, and biographies.

Unless there is resistance it cannot be painted, unless the beam is shading the canvas cannot be read," say the authors of the exhibition Keti Batiashvili and Teona Paichadze.

The exhibition presentation took place on February 25.

Georgian painter Teona Paichadze was born into the famous Georgian writer's (Soso Paichadze) family in Tbilisi. She is an artist-designer.

Paichadze's works are in private collections. She has taken part in several general exhibitions.

Keti Batiashvili has participated in various exhibitions in and outside Georgia. Her personal exhibitions have taken place at different venues, including Vanda Gallery, Baia and Sharden Gallery.

The author of the second exhibition introduced on February 26, Neglected Memory, Ia Mchedlishvili, represents historical consciousness in the form of paper figures, the first half of the last century, in particular.

The author considers that our memory of that period is fragmented, scattered and vague and does not form a unified form of historical experience.

The exposition includes paintings, video and installation. The exhibition aims to present the original form and idea to the general public.

Both exhibitions are available to the public through March 10. Georgian National Museum unifies several leading museums in Georgia.

The Museum was established within the framework of structural, institutional, and legal reforms aimed at modernizing the management of the institutions united within this network, and at coordinating research and educational activities.

The main goal of the Georgian National Museum is to run the one system which entirely collects and protects all the national exhibits of Georgia. This system is aimed at running the main cultural, educational, and scientific activities or events within the museums.