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Coronavirus spreads further, Georgia reports two more cases

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, March 2
It has been two months since the first case of Coronavirus-19 was reported in Wuhan, China. The virus has reached all the continents, infecting more than 85,000.

The virus hit the global market very hard, which has resulted in a severe economic situation around the world.

Head of the Center for Disease Control Amiran Gamkrelidze calls on citizens to avoid traveling abroad unless it's urgent. He called on those returning to Georgia to provide accurate information on symptoms and health at the border.

There are currently three cases of coronavirus in Georgia. The first case of Covid-19 infection was reported in Georgia on February 26, the second was confirmed by the Center for Disease Control on February 28, and the third - on February 29.

The condition of three patients infected with coronavirus is stable and the disease is asymptomatic, doctor Revaz Mechurchlishvili told reporters. According to him, there are 24 people in the boxed ward of the hospital, and 21 patients have been placed in quarantine.

The first person with Covid-19 in Georgia was a Georgian citizen, who traveled to the country from Iran, he was checked at the Azerbaijan-Georgia border. The other is the person who traveled to northern Italy. According to the health minister, the first infected person was taken directly to the hospital, while the second infected person did not have any signs of infection on the border. The third infected is a Georgian citizen who came from Iran. The patient was in direct contact with the first infected patient, who also arrived in Georgia from Iran through Azerbaijan.

According to the UN health agency, the threat of the new coronavirus has reached a high point all over the world, while in China, where the virus originally spread, the spreading of the disease has slowed down. This was stated in Geneva on February 28 by the head of the organization.

The spread of coronavirus has endangered the world economy and the stock market continues to fall sharply amid the spread of the new type of coronavirus.

On February 28, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Mexico, and New Zealand announced the first cases of coronavirus.

Also, a patient infected with the novel coronavirus in Washington state has died, a state health official said Saturday, marking the first death due to the virus in the United States. This marks the first death in the US, however, another American has died a month ago in Wuhan, China.