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Lelo establishes women's council and introduces 12 new female members

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Wednesday, March 4
The political party, Lelo for Georgia, established a Women's Council within the framework of Women's Week for Georgia and nominated 12 new female members. The leader of the party, Badri Japaridze, presented flowers to his teammates at the presentation. He argued that Lelo would be an example of women's involvement in politics.

“The Lelo model and the Lelo approach will promote as many women leaders as possible to involve them as much as possible into politics and decision making. We believe that if there is something missing in Georgia politics, and is not successful, because of the reason that there are not enough women involved in it,” said Japaridze.

Badri Japaridze said that Dea Metreveli, Anna Natsvlishvili and Sophio Shamanidi will be the female councilors of the party. The new twelve members are: Sophie Shamanidi, Advisor on Ethnic and Religious Issues to the 4th President of Georgia; Manana Nachkebia, Former Member of Parliament; Ekaterine Diasamidze, Doctor of Anthropology; Salome Ghveladze, Linguist, European Studies Co-founder of Informal Lighting Center; Tamar Iashvili, TSU Professor, Doctor of Philology.

The list also includes, Lela Mamedova, human rights activist, philologist; Natia Sharabidze, Gynecologist; Manana Tevzadze, English Philologist, Principal and Founder of the British School; Miranda Kuprava, local government specialist, co-founder of Imereti Arts Council; Mariam Gogilashvili, Architect, Journalist, Assistant Professor of Technical University; Mariam Kurdadze, actress; Rusudan Mgeladze, Student.

Anna Natsvlishvili, a member of the Lelo political council, commented aGeorgia will become a country of happy mothers.

Strengthening the role of women in political and economic life is one of the key areas for Lelo. Other events are also planned within the framework of the Women's Week.

Lelo for Georgia is a new force for change, stating that their main focus is people, sharing their opinions, making plans and finding solutions.