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Number of people infected with coronavirus in Georgia reaches 9, no deaths detected

By Khatia Bzhalava
Friday, March 6
The head of NCDC (National Center of Disease Control of Georgia) Amiran Gamkrelidze stated that one of the most high-risk sources of spreading the disease is through money. He suggested that the citizens try to pay electronically as much as possible, but in case of the need of using cash, we should sterilize our hands afterward. He also recommended the banks to provide their offices with antibacterial liquids.

He also discussed the issue of pensions to be paid electronically.

“I would like to encourage the banks who release pensions to support pensioners and let them receive their money in an electronic way, if possible,” said Gamkrelidze.

All nine of the infected people brought the infection from abroad. The government has strengthened the readiness to control the border strictly by checking the wellness of the travelers crossing Georgia.

The head of NCDC approves that the amount of people traveling to Georgia from Iran or people with the history of traveling to China has dropped, however, Italy is still considered as a high risk country.

Due to the sterilization works in public places, spring holidays at schools and universities have been brought forward, starting on March 2nd instead of March 8th, lasting till March 16th.

The Coordination Council launched sterilizing studying institutions with preventing aims. Moreover, the council also runs purifying kindergartens and public transports.

General symptoms of coronavirus are

- Coughing

- High temperature

- Shortness of breath

It is important to know that the symptoms aren’t only characteristic of Covid-19.

The most common and considerable recommendations to avoid catching the virus are to wash or sanitize hands frequently and to stay away from possibly infected people.

Even though China has repelled the first wave of the epidemic disease, it still stays as the highest risk factor country with the death rate of 3,019 followed by South Korea, Italy and Iran.

There are 97,878 coronavirus cases with 3,353 deaths and 54,124 recoveries.