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Volume of business sector turnover increased by 21.7 percent in 2019

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, March 9
GEOSTAT published a report on the activities of enterprises. As the report reads, in the IV quarter of 2019 compared to the same quarter of the previous year the volume of business sector turnover increased by 21.7 percent and amounted to 31.4 billion GEL.

The production value of the business sector is characterized by the growth tendency. In the IV quarter of 2019, its volume equaled 13.4 billion GEL, which is year-on-year 15.7 percent higher.

In the IV quarter of 2019, 52.7 percent of total turnover comes on large and 20.0 percent on medium businesses while 27.4 percent is distributed to small businesses. A small difference is in case of total production value: 36.2 percent comes on large, 27.3 percent on medium and 36.5 percent on small businesses.

During the period, total purchases of goods and services carried out by enterprises equaled 19.3 billion GEL (year-on-year 16.8 percent higher), while the purchase goods and services for resale amounted 11.7 billion GEL (year-on-year 14.7 percent higher). In the IV quarter of 2019, the average number of employees equaled 713.9 thousand, which is year-on-year 4.3 percent higher. Out of the total number of employees, 41.7 percent are female, and 58.3 percent are male.

36.2 percent of the total number of employees comes on large, 21.7 percent on medium and 42.1 percent - on small businesses. The total number of employed persons amounted to 673.8 thousand (year-on-year 4.0 percent higher).

The total personnel costs of enterprises equaled 2 896.7 million GEL (year-on-year 12.2 percent higher). In the IV quarter of 2019, average monthly remuneration of employed persons equaled to 1404.7 GEL (year-on-year increase by 86.0 GEL) while remuneration of employed women made up 1048.3 GEL (year-on-year increase by 71.1 GEL). The average monthly remuneration of employed persons by the size of enterprises is as follows: large business 1 365.9 GEL; medium business 1 603.3 GEL; small business 1 325.7 GEL.

The trade sector (including repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles) has the highest share (38.4 percent) in the total turnover in business sector, followed by arts, entertainment, and recreation with 24.7 percent share, manufacturing 9.3 percent, construction 8.2 percent, transportation, and storage 5.7 percent, electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply 3.1 percent and other sectors with 10.6 percent share.

In the IV quarter of 2019, construction (20.9 percent), manufacturing (20.9 percent), trade (17.0 percent) and transportation and storage (9.7 percent) are on the top four places in business sector production value. The rest of the sectors have a 31.5 percent share.

National Statistics Office of Georgia, the legal entity of public law, carries out its activities independently. It is an institution established to produce the statistics and disseminate the statistical information according to the Georgian legislation. The National Statistics Office of Georgia is established by the Law of Georgia, 11 December 2009, on Official Statistics.