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Tuesday, March 10
By Liza Mchedlidze

Salome Zourabischvili talks pardoning detained former Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava

The president of Georgia Salome Zourabischvili discussed the pardoning of Detained former Tbilisi Mayor and opposition leader Gigi Ugulava. According to the President, the pardoning will be based on her own free will.

“If I decide it is necessary for a pardoning to happen, the act of pardoning will be established” Salome Zourabischvili also noted that the act of pardoning has its rules which were agreed earlier this year and ‘no matter what the demand is, it will be discussed accordingly.

“I will read every demand, see and get acquainted with them. If I decide it's necessary to pardon, the inmates will be pardoned. There are no persons in this country who are treated especially. Everyone has the same rights and all of them understand well how to appeal to the President,” Zourabischvili told reporters.

Addison Research Poll’ shows political climate in Georgia ahead of 2020 Elections

Addison Research has created a poll showing political climate in Georgia ahead of 2020 proportional elections, ordered by TV company Formula.

2000 people from every region of Georgia took part in the survey, excluding the Occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions.

Addison Research created a poll reflecting society’s opinions over the Government and united opposition in Georgia.

Addison Research asked people which party they would vote for if the elections were held today and 29% voted for the ruling party Georgian Dream, 17% voted for the United National Movement, European Georgia - 6%, Labour Party of Georgia - 4%, Alliance of Patriots - 4%, Lelo - 3%, Civil Movement - 2%, United Georgia - Democratic Movement - 2%, Girchi - 1%.

53% voted for the United Opposition, 40% voted for Georgian Dream and 7% for The Alliance of Patriots and others.

Members of the public were chosen to answer the above mentioned questions at random.