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Political sentiments in Georgia - Edison Research study

By Natalia Kochiashvili
Wednesday, March 11
Public Opinion Poll conducted by international company Edison Research is commissioned by the broadcasting company Formula Ltd regarding the parliamentary elections of 2020. Edison Research is a highly professional organization that adheres to internationally recognized professional conduct and ethics.

The study covers domestic political issues. On the question 'if parliamentary elections were held today, who would you vote for?' 29% answered that they would vote for the Georgian Dream party; 17% - United National Movement; 6% - European Georgia; Labor Party and Alliance of Patriots would get 4% each; Lelo would get 3%; Aleko Elisashvili's Civil Movement, Giorgi Vashadze's New Georgia and Nino Burjanadze's United Georgia - Democratic Movement would receive 2% each; And only 1% named Girchi, Kakha Kukava's Free Georgia, Eka Beselia’s For Justice, Irakli Okruashvili's Victorious Georgia; Undecided - 28%.

In terms of allocation, the figures for the same parties are as follows: Georgian Dream - 39%; United National Movement - 23%; European Georgia - 8%; Labor Party and Alliance of Patriots- 6%; "Lelo" - 5%; Aleko Elisashvili's "Civil Movement" and Giorgi Vashadze's "New Georgia" - 3%; Girchi and Nino Burjanadze's United Georgia - Democratic Movement - 2%; Kukava's, Beselia’s and Okruashvili’s parties- 1%.

Another question in the poll asked 'if there were parliamentary elections today, which party or party bloc would you vote for?,' the results were as follows: Unification of all major opposition parties - 53%; Georgian Dream – 40%; “Alliance of patriots and others - 7%.

The poll also includes the question about majoritarian MPs: 'Will your vote for another opposition candidate backed by your favorite party in your constituency in favor of defeating the Georgian Dream?' - 49% responded “I will definitely vote”; 33% said “I will probably vote”; 8% said “I probably won't vote” and 10% said 'I won't vote.'

As for attitudes towards political parties, the population is most negative towards Girchi (87%) and the Georgian Dream (84%), while most favorably towards New Georgia, European Georgia, and Civil Movement.

What is your attitude toward political parties: Georgian Dream - 16% positive; United National Movement - 23% positive; European Georgia - 32% positive; Labor Party - 30% positive; Patriots Alliance - 24% positive; Aleko Elisashvili's Civil Movement - 31% positive; Giorgi Vashadze's New Georgia - 33% Positive; Girchi - 13% positive; Lelo - 25% positive; Nino Burjanadze's Democratic Movement - 22% positive.

According to the survey, most people trust the army (87%), churches (85%), universities (68%), Georgian media (67%) and police (65%). The Public Defender is trusted by 58% of respondents, local authorities - 51%, NGOs - 49%. Only 44% trust the Prime Minister, 41% the CEC, 36% the Parliament, 29% the President. The 41-41% of the population trusts Georgian banks and the Georgian court, 39% trusts the prosecutor's office, 38% - the government, 35% - the political parties.

As for the foreign relations of Georgia; 85% supports Georgia’s NATO membership and 90% supports Georgia’s accession to the EU. 63% negatively assesses the current relationship with Russia.

Regarding particular countries and associations, 89% has positive attitude towards the EU; 88% - Ukraine; 85% - US; 84% - NATO and the UK; 72% - Israel; 65% - Azerbaijan; 63% - Armenia; 60% - Turkey and 44% is positively assessing Iran.

Edison Research commissioned the survey in February. It was attended by 2000 people from all regions of Georgia, except the population of occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region. Members of the public were selected at random.