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Georgia and Turkey agree to extend flights until March 20th, Russia and Georgia restrict movements

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 16
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, the agreement between Turkey and Georgia has been reached, according to which the flights between the two countries will be prolonged until March 24th, 24:00.

According to information released by the agency, the Turkish side has been planning to cancel flights with Georgia beginning March 14th, but the agreement has been reached and it has been extended until March 24th.

“The Republic of Turkey has imposed a number of restrictions on international flights on Turkish Airlines as well as on its land border within the framework of Virus preventive measures. Georgia and Turkey have agreed to restrict the movement of individuals across the land border through the Sarpi customs checkpoint. This restriction does not apply to freight traffic.

However, in view of the intense interpersonal and business ties between the two countries, the parties agreed that the Vale and Kartsakhi crossings will continue to operate for the movement of individuals.

It should be borne in mind that within the framework of measures against the spread of the coronavirus in the country, the Turkish Republic has already canceled air travel to many countries as well. March 14th was also planned for Georgia. However, both sides agreed to extend the flight until 24:00 on 20 March,” reads the statement.

Turkey has already canceled air travel to many countries as part of measures against the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

According to a government spokesman, the movement of citizens to the Russian Federation will also be restricted from March 16th to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to them, the decision will not apply to those citizens who wish to return to their country. Also, the restriction does not apply to freight.

According to a press release issued by Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister's special envoy Zurab Abashidze spoke with Grigory Karasin on the phone this morning and the issue of restrictions was discussed.