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New initiative to create services for at risk-groups and pensioners

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, March 17
As well as creating new workplaces, Beka also suggests the government subsidise agriculture, strengthen expenditure politics, change the approach of banks and take foreign loans.

“The government should take into consideration a couple of recommendations as the crisis of coronavirus made it clear that overall our healthcare system is not fully prepared,” said Natsvlishvili.

“The National centre of disease control works very well, the level of professionalism they showed is desirable for a lot of countries, but the government needs to mobilise more. Let’s assume that we have protected ourselves, but we also have to acknowledge that the global condition is worsening, and the peak of the pandemic might not be now, but in the summer so we have to think about supply and also avoid demolishing the economy, we have to stimulate it and protect the most vulnerable people, who cannot even afford disinfectants. For now the government should be subsidising the companies that are able to produce masks,” said Natsvlishvili

He believes that the government should create new workplaces, and that the employees of these new workplaces should satisfy the needs of high-risk groups such as pensioners. He also thinks that a moratorium should be announced on evictions as the homeless are one of the most vulnerable groups.

Natsvlishvili also commented that “the first thing that should be done is at least doubling infrastructural projects. Municipal hospitals should be built urgently in the regions where there are not any.”

Natsvlishvili also discusses the subject of agriculture, saying that as we are dependent on importing products, subsidising agriculture is essential. “We do not know how long the crisis will last. We have to face the upcoming crisis well-prepared and ensure our own supply of food.”

Natsvlishvili expanded on the recommendations further:

“One last issue the government should solve is changing the attitude of the banks. Not everything can be up to the goodwill of the banks.The government should declare moratorium on loans, in which individuals have only interest left to cover. Since the situation is unpredictable, the government should quit liberal attitudes and should not just diminish the payments but they should also enhance expenditure politics. In case getting foreign loans is necessary to carry out events, the government should get one, considering the fact that not much will be needed. The World Bank will be ready to help us and as a consequence there will be less pressure on the rate of Lari.”