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Gigi Ugulava and his lawyer ask the president to mediate in the case of his release

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, March 17
Beka Basilaia has asked the president of Georgia to discuss the release of Gigi Ugulava under the limits of her eligibility assigned by the constitution of Georgia. It is an exclusive prerogative of the President of Georgia to make a decision about the release of the convicted after the proceedings have ended.

“Before the agreement on the electoral system, Gigi did not want his case to have occurred as an obstacle in the way of reaching maximally proportional elections. The fact is, to calm down the situation, it is essential to release the prisoners that are considered as political detainees by the majority of the community and the opposition. Apart from personal interest, it is an issue of public concern for us,” stated Ugulava’s lawyer.

The request for mediation was sent to the president on March 13th, however the administration of the President said that it is unknown when the mediation for the parole of Ugulava will be reviewed.

“We officially received the request, it must be checked and only after the procedure will it be transferred to the president, and she will decide herself when to discuss it,” said Angi Khutsishvili, a deputy of the chief of the president's administration.

David Bakradze- one of the Leaders of “European Georgia” replied to the events saying that the party will continue their boycott and will not participate in political life until the agreement is entirely fulfilled by the ruling party and political prisoners are released. However, as he says, the members of “European Georgia” will take their share of the responsibility, as they are going to take part in voting to introduce a new electoral system, but the participation will be a one-off until the demands are satisfied.

““European Georgia” is not going to take part in the plenary session planned this week, because our position is firm and unchangeable. The boycott will be aborted in the background of political normalisation and normalising the situation demands fulfilling the agreement entirely, including releasing political detainees. So if the political prisoners are not released, the situation will not normalise and we will not be back to active parliamentary life. Our participation in the voting planned this week will be exceptional and it does not indicate our return in the work of meetings or taking part in the commission's working process,” Bakradze tells the press.

Court found the former mayor of Tbilisi, Gigi Ugulava, guilty on 10th February 2020 and sentenced him with 3 years and 2 months imprisonment.