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Production of face masks and sanitisers to start in Georgia with the help of the Ministry of Economy

By Liza Mchedlidze
Tuesday, March 17
The Minister of Economy and Sustainable development Natia Turnava has met with the representatives of garment factories to discuss the production of face masks in Georgia to solve the problem of hygienic supply shortage. The main topic of discussion at the meeting was the fast production regime of face masks.

The heads of companies present at the meeting with the Minister of Economy have discussed and expressed readiness regarding the production and stated that they will do everything in their power and with all of their resources to help the government and Georgian people with the Coronavirus preventive measurements.

“Due to the fact that face masks and different disinfectant supplies remain a problem, we, as a company with a great social responsibility, are ready to be involved in the process and produce face masks for free and give it to the Government and Georgian people.” “Adjara Textile” head Giorgi Lominadze told reporters after the meeting was finished.

Another Company ‘Movi’ has expressed readiness to support the state in the fight of Coronavirus and told reporters that they will be involved in the process of production as well, representative Ana Andronikashvili told reporters.

"Today the Minister has announced that no restrictions will be imposed on logistics, we stand by the state as much as possible and urge other manufacturers to do so," said Ana Andronikashvili.

Pharmaceutical Company ‘Smart Pharm’ has expressed readiness to give all the cheesecloth left to the state for production of face masks.

“Our company has expressed readiness to give leftover cheesecloth for free, to produce facemasks regularly. The next step, regarding the distribution, we are ready to be as involved in the process as possible and import cheesecloth without interruption and distribute for production,” said the Smart Pharm representative Tea Mgaloblishvili.

The meeting was attended by representatives from 20 garment factories.