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Tengiz Tsertsvadze speaks about medicines to cure Coronavirus

By Anastasia Sokhadze
Wednesday, March 18
Tengiz Tsertsvadze, director of the Hospital for Infectious Diseases stated in the program Giorgi Targamadze's Policy Formula.

“Although no medication officially recommended for the coronavirus has a proven antiviral effect, in countries where there are large epidemics, medical experts have been using about five-six medicines to cure the coronavirus,” stated Tsertsvadze.

He named the medications that are effective, strictly warning citizens to not take these drugs without a prescription and to stay away from them since they could be dangerous.

“First, they are not officially recommended and secondly, they are prescribed only when the infection is confirmed and in no case should anyone decide themselves to take it for preventive measures,” said Tsertsvadze.

Tsertsvadze named the so-called ‘AIDS’ drugs; Ribavirin, Chloroquine and Deoxys Chloroquine, with the latter two being used successfully in the treatment of rheumatic and autoimmune diseases.

He also stated that the drug Rendezvous, which was devised to treat Ebola in 2013-2014, is said to be effective in the treatment of the virus. Unfortunately, it isn’t obtainable in Georgia yet, but the government said it is trying to make it available.

Social networks are actively responding to the issue, many having noted that it is impossible to buy these drugs in pharmacies without prescription.

The number of confirmed cases is 34. 427 are in quarantine and 73 are kept under control.