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Wednesday, March 18
By Liza Mchedlidze

Contacts of All Coronavirus patients are identified, says Health Minister

The Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaridze told reporters that every infected patient’s contacts are identified:

“The origins of contacts are completely under control. The chain of patients who are infected with Coronavirus are entirely researched by our employees” said Tikaridze.

According to her, the government is observing the statistics of Covid-19 spread and the basis of decisions are assessment of current situation.

“We are observing the numbers and the growth of confirmed case statistics in Georgia. We are also closely observing the quality of performance of government’s ruled tasks and recommendations, as well as the readiness and social responsibility of our citizens” Tikaridze noted.

Individuals to be fined with 3 000 GEL for quarantine rule violations

The quarantine rules violation will soon be punishable by administrative law and criminal code. The changes will be presented at the parliament sitting on March 18.

According to the draft law, the Code of Administrative Offenses of Georgia will be added an article, according to which the violation of quarantine code will be punishable and will be fined 3 000 GEL.

The quarantine rule is approved by the Georgian government.

As for the amendments to the Criminal Code, according to the draft law, if a person violates the quarantine rule and has already been convicted of the same act, this person will be sentenced to 6 months to 1 year of imprisonment.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, 71 persons have been forced into the quarantine zones due to violations of the rules of self-isolation.

There are 34 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Georgia so far, one of which has been recovered and discharged from the hospital. He will be in isolation for 14 days, as the doctors recommend.