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Coordination Council on the plans to compensate the damage of Coronavirus

By Khatia Bzhalava
Thursday, March 19
At the functional Interdepartmental Coordinating Council meeting, PM Giorgi Gakharia stated about launching a platform that will control an overall situation during the coronavirus outbreak. An Economic team will develop a plan, which will support sectors affected by the epidemic. Gakharia also expressed concern about the issue of satisfying the recommendations given to the business sector, including closing down restaurants, fitness centers, casinos, ritual halls and other venues.

At the session, the Economy Minister said that the local production of disinfectants and masks has been launched.

Georgian Post was assigned to provide socially vulnerable pensioners with state services.

Particular attention was brought to the subject of grocery supplies. The Minister of Agriculture Levan Datiashvili urged people to stay calm and explained that the country has sufficient amounts of stock. Due to the ‘panic-purchase’ of groceries, there was a shortage in grains, but ‘soon the stocks will be filled.’

“The ministry is continuously vigilant, taking care of the food-importer chains to avoid shortage of products. We warned people multiple times that the stock is under control and there is no reason to panic. The orders are on their way, but due to the weather conditions there is a brief delay. The avalanche hazard caused a ban on movement on Larsi highway, where 1000 loaded vehicles are waiting for the road to open,” explained Datiashvili.

He also noted that the ministry works in 24 hour mode to maintain stable prices in critical situations, adding that “if there is any kind of speculative increase in prices, relevant authorities will take an action.” Datiashvili said that in about two days, the climate conditions will stabilize, and it will be safe to transfer the supply.”

At the meeting, several other important issues were discussed such as online education processes and solutions to the existing challenges related to it. Letting Georgia’s citizens return from foreign countries was also discussed. The Minister of Foreign Affairs marked that diplomatic authority actively records those who wish to return to Georgia and they will be able to come back.

Currently, there are 37 cases of the coronavirus in Georgia. The government advises the citizens to stay home, keep patience and pay attention to hygiene.