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GNCC calls on media to increase professionalism amid Coronavirus

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, March 25
Georgian National Communications Commission made a statement regarding the information spread by the media amid pandemic, noting that the role of the media is crucial in promoting right and reliable information among the society.

“When the whole world and our country are fighting a pandemic, the role and responsibility of the media is growing every day. With a state of emergency in the country and the citizens receiving information through the media, the existence of responsible sources is critically important,” reads the statement.

GNCC called on media representatives to cover the events around the Coronavirus in the country professionally and to provide the public with only valid and verified information, noting that the most effective weapon to combat the virus is an informed citizen who follows all the necessary recommendations.

The GNCC also considers it necessary to explain that under the current circumstances, restrictions on the telecommunications sector do not apply. Also, telecommunications companies must work full time in emergency situations; every company should work as efficiently as possible to ensure that the population of our country has access to telecommunication services in order to receive information and recommendations on a regular basis. The GNCC also addresses the management of telecommunications companies to uphold the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Disease Control to take all preventive measures to maximize the health and safety of the staff.

GNCC has switched to a fully remote operating mode. The Commission has introduced the ZOOM - Online Conference System to conduct online sessions, meetings and conferences. Through the ZOOM video conferencing system, the parties to the session have the opportunity to engage in the working process online.