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Wednesday, March 25
By Liza Mchedlidze

Crime rate decreased in Georgia, says Interior Minister

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Vakhtang Gomelauri stated that there is a decrease of crime rate in the country. As Gomelauri told reporters, the reason for this is the recent increase in the number of police officers. When asked about the possibility of the crime rate increasing during the State Emergency, the Minister of Internal Affairs responded:

“I would say that the Interior Ministry moved to a state of emergency three weeks ago and the number of police officers has doubled. At present, the crime rate is decreasing. I don't consider it a bold statement, I think doubling the number of police officers has led to a decrease in crime,” said Gomelauri.

Government plans to spend 10 Million GEL to refrain from increased value on certain products

The Georgoan government is planning on spending 10 Million GEL from the state budget to maintain the price on nine products. The products include rice, pasta, buckwheat, sunflower oil, sugar, wheat, wheat flour, milk powder and beans. The Prime Minister signed the resolution on March 23.

The importer will benefit from the subsidy if the value of one dollar exceeds 3 GEL from 15 March to 15 May, and the value of 1 EUR - 3,3 GEL. It will fund the difference with the real course.

New importers, who enter the market from March 10th, can subsidize if they have the lowest price compared to competitors.

“In case of failure to fulfill this obligation, the beneficiary will be liable for the refund of the amount of the subsidy received and the amount of the subsidy, but not less than GEL 10,000,” reads the resolution.

The state plans to subsidize these products by July 15th, 2020.