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Coronavirus second wave review from the Prime Minister

By Khatia Bzhalava
Thursday, June 18
In an interview with Public Broadcaster, the PM, Giorgi Gakharia discussed the challenges amid pandemic and the difficulties that need to be avoided in case of the second wave.

As the PM stated, the crisis budget 2020 is being discussed at the parliament, which is modeled in a way that will not require re-reviewing even if the second wave breaks out.

Gakharia considers that the healthcare system should do its best to prepare for the possible second wave, which means to face the challenge with facilities in proper condition.

According to the Prime Minister, at the beginning of the crisis, Georgia was able to test 75-100 individuals a day, while by now, there are 4000-4500 testings daily, and one of the main purposes is to assure the rate to be 10 000 testings per day, by the time country faces the second wave. ‘This is very important because the principle we chose was to deter ‘imported cases’ (first phase), to adapt (second phase), and to manage the situation(third phase). In the current ‘managing’ phase, we aim to detect, cure and retrieve individuals back to the economic lifestyle hastily,” Gakharia said.

The PM emphasised that it will be extremely hard for the country’s social-economical condition to endure similar harsh economical restrictions that had been enjoined earlier. “The main problem of our country during the pandemic is the limited financial resources and our task is to allot it fairly and in a timely manner to the people who need it the most.”

Gakharia highlighted that the present stable situation in Georgia does not mean that the virus is defeated. “It is just a result of being able to manage the spread of the virus,” he noted.

The experts do not have a precise answer on whether the second wave will break out or not, nevertheless, a distinct rise in the case of the Coronavirus is expected to start in Autumn.