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MFA denies the allegation of Azerbaijan’s media about weapons being transported to Armenia through Georgia

By Khatia Bzhalava
Tuesday, July 21
One of Azerbaijan’s media sources has published an article, stating the weapons used during the border clash between Armenia and Azerbaijan to have been transported from Serbia to Armenia through Georgia. Georgian side denies the information given in the article and shares a disclaiming statement.

In the article published by regarding the border clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the media states that Armenia started preparing for the attack on Azerbaijan a couple of days in advance and received combat assistance from Serbia through Georgia. However, official Azerbaijan does not share a statement about this.

“One of Azerbaijan’s media outlets has published a misleading article which contains a lot of inaccuracies. It is unfortunate that a seemingly serious media source partially describes facts, leads society into deception and tries to cast a shade on the strategic partnership and friendship of Azerbaijan and Georgia. Once again, we stress that Georgia and Azerbaijan are connected with each other by long-term friendship and strategic partnership that is developing,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia stated and added that the mentioned article is directed at creating problems artificially between two partner countries.

Based on the information spread around social media, states that Armenia has also received Kamazi brand vehicles loaded with combat equipment from Russia through Georgian transporting roads.

The article notes that regardless of risks of foreign politics, Azerbaijan supported Georgia in 2008 and according to the position of the media, against this background ‘Georgia’s behavior is bemusing.’

“Couple years ago Georgia banned transportation of combat cargo to Armenia through their country and why was Serbia an exception this time? How come Tbilisi did not know where Armenia would direct all this combat material?” reads the article.

The article also says that Georgia has made numerous mistakes towards Azerbaijan, however, the countries have a friendship of centuries “destruction of which is not that easy.” Lastly, they note that they are waiting for Baku’s demands for an official explanation from Georgia regarding the issue.