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Gov’t is working on the fourth phase post-crisis plan, PM Gakharia says

By Liza Norwich-Gerwik
Friday, November 13
Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia’s statement at the government sessions regarding post-crisis works was released by the government's press service. The statement reads that the fourth phase which specifically aims at supporting social and business has been in the works.

"We have already started a new wave of work in the fourth phase of this work, which will be directly aimed at the social support of our citizens, as well as business support."

According to him, in the coming days, meetings will be held with representatives of businesses, as well as the largest employers to find a solution that will help the economy, further growth potential, and maximize job retention for citizens.

The Prime Minister also discussed the problem of unemployment amid the Covid-19 pandemic, saying that they will hold meetings with the largest business employers to help economic growth and reduce unemployment and loss of jobs.

“These are some of the already well-proven mechanisms that have worked well in the previous stages in terms of supporting our citizens, those who lost their jobs, as well as targeted social support for the most vulnerable families and, so to speak, a whole package of tax incentives for businesses. We are now modernizing all this in order to start meetings in the coming days with representatives of specific, sectoral businesses, as well as the largest employers in order to find a solution that will help our economy, on the one hand, maintain further growth potential and, on the other hand, to keep jobs for our citizens as much as possible.”

Gakharia stated that the restrictions and partial lockdown will continue throughout the country as the Covid-19 pandemic number of infected are increasing daily:

“We are pursuing a strategy of adaptation and point limitations. Of course, we will continue this process, but every citizen must understand that the healthcare system is not inexhaustible in terms of both equipment and human resources.”

The PM added that the goal for the country is to achieve double-digit growth of the economy and the government is ready to do everything possible. Gakharia says that a special team, “including the Georgian government’s economic team, the National Bank and international partners,” has assembled to work on this specific plan.