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Citizens protest Covid-19 related restrictions imposed by the Government

By Nika Gamtsemlidze
Monday, January 25
According to rally participants who have recently protested the extension of the Covid-19 related restrictions imposed by the government, the existing rules worsen the already difficult social situation in the country, while also violating basic human rights.

The participants call on the government to lift restrictions on winter resorts, schools, public and intra city transport, curfew, and many others from February 1.

Initially, the government was planning to lift the restrictions starting in mid-January. A few weeks ago, it was announced that the restrictions would last until February 1, but a few days ago, the representatives of the government said that restrictions will remain in big cities until March 1.

The protest participants announced that they give the government 48 hours to lift the restrictions, or they will start picketing the buildings.

According to Elene Khoshtaria, one of the leaders of the Georgian opposition, the government is not paying attention to those who are struggling the most. She noted that 'blind restrictions' are not a solution.

“We need optimal management, the situation requires vaccination, testing, and a number of other measures to prevent people from starving to death,” said Khoshtaria.

Representatives of the political parties Girchi - More Freedom, Lelo and Strategy Agmashenebeli also joined the planned rally in front of the government building. “People should go out to the streets and show their power to the government. The country should fully open,” said the leader of Girchi Zurab Japaridze.

Lelo also released a special statement saying that the only outcome to the government not responding to people’s demands is protest.

As for Strategy Agmashenebeli, they claim it is vital for them to force the government to change the 'unproportioned restrictions', which is worsening the social well-being of Georgian citizens.

Another rally was held in Mziuri Park demanding that education processes in schools continue in classrooms. As one of the participants of the rally Nino Robakidze noted, the wishes and legitimate interests of the students were not taken into account at any stage of the pandemic management.

The educational process has been going on online platforms for a year.