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Did Imedi TV staff make the right choice in suspending broadcasts?

Friday, December 28
“I don’t know. A lot of bad things happened with Imedi and Patarkatsishvili. Maybe they had no option other than to take time out. I hope they’ll get back on air soon.”
Manana, housewife, 47

“Suspending broadcasts was a cowardly step. If they want to pretend to be on the people’s side, objectively reporting events, they should have soldiered through all the difficulties they faced.” Levani, sales manager, 38
“Imedi was the most trustworthy channel, I think. I’m really worried now that their broadcasts are suspended. I’m not judging Imedi’s staff, though—maybe they really were being pressured, and that’s why they had to stop.”
Maka, hairdresser, 27

“I’m sure that after what happened with Patarkatsishvili, everything went wrong at Imedi and journalists were forced to make a tough choice. Personally, I think professional journalists must do their utmost to stay out of political scandals.”
Goga, journalist, 31

“I think that the Imedi decision was the result of government pressure. I find it difficult to talk about right or wrong here.”
Julieta, librarian, 66

“They did the right thing, but they should have done it earlier. It’s impossible to stay impartial when the station’s owner is openly interfering with politics.”
Lika, teacher, 27

“I was stunned by all the recent developments. It’s difficult to judge Imedi’s choice right now; we’ll need time to see the real picture. To quote W. Somerset Maugham, it’s good that you grow old, because you can see how things will end.”
Lia, lecturer, 35

“Once Badri [Patarkatsishvili] revealed his dirty nature, it would be impossible to continue taking his stinking money for a salary. But I don’t think it was necessary to immediately suspend broadcasts. Imedi—as is its stated ambition—should have continued airing democratic thoughts and ideas. While they do that, the Imedi staff could seek out someone to buy Imedi TV from Badri. If he refused to sell, they could establish a new channel with the same staff.”
Akaki, pensioner, 77

“I think they did the right thing, because it’s impossible for them to work under the kind of pressure they must be facing now. I hope Imedi finds a new, independent owner and gets back on-air quickly. We’ll be very happy to see it back.”
Natela, manager, 31