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Are you ready to accept the results of the election?

Tuesday, January 8
I voted for another candidate, but I will accept the results because the strongest candidate won.
Helen, manager, 34

I voted for Saakashvili, so you can guess that I agree with the results. He was the best candidate.
Gia, businessman, 45

I wont accept this. I voted for Gachechiladze, and I think the elections were rigged. Its shameful that Saakashvili won like this.
Lika, journalist, 32

Theres no chance Ill accept a Saakashvili victory. Im for the opposition, and I think they should fight until the end.
Keti, interpreter, 26

There were a lot of irregularities and violations in the election, so I think the opposition has the right to demand a second round. I dont accept the results.
Nino, journalist, 26

If international observers accepted it, I will too. Theres no sense crying over Misha [Saakashvili]s victory now.
Eliso, PR agent, 30

I welcome the results, as the West and all international observers said the elections were held democratically. The Georgian people are the real winners here, because we managed to hold a free and fair election.
Irakli, student, 22

I agree with the results, I expected Saakashvili to win. He was the best candidate, and I think hell continue to help Georgia develop.
Nata, assistant, 25

I dont think the election was rigged, none of the observers say it was. So Ill accept the results, and I think all the parties which lost should do so as well.
Rita, shop manager, 28