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Has opposition coalition candidate Levan Gachechiladze’s behavior since the election been presidential?

Friday, January 11
“His behavior had never been presidential, and I don’t understand why he got so many votes in the election. There’s no place for him in politics. His place is on the street, together with the other street guys [dzveli bichebiGela, driver, 56

“He’s lost control, but it’s not his fault. Saakashvili and his team did their best to cut off all media access for the opposition. All I see on TV is Saakashvili and his friends, and a few seconds of the opposition leaders. It’s not right, and that’s why Gachechiladze is talking like he is.”
Merabi, athlete, 28

“I didn’t like it when he rushed into the Central Election Commission, shouting and insulting people there. And his language when speaking with the head of the public broadcaster was not appropriate. He’s really hurting his reputation.”
Nodar, computer specialist, 34

“He’s embarrassed, disappointed and furious that Saakashvili forged the election results, and he’s lost control of his emotions and behavior. That’s not good for someone who wants to be president.”
Nani, teacher, 47

“I don’t like him. His behavior and his threats make it sound like he thinks he’s in the street, where you settle scores with fists and fights. It’s not civilized.”
Elene, student, 21

“I think his behavior looks more like a street guy than a politician. There are lots of smart people around him—they should be advising him not to speak that way.”
Teona, student, 19

“He’s not worthy of the post of president. He proved that today by not accepting the invitation to appear live on the public broadcaster.”
Keti, student, 20

“I like him. He’s fighting for his votes, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.”
Gaga, economist, 34

“I have a 20-year-old boy, and even he and his friends don’t behave as immaturely as Gachechiladze. I get upset when he swears at people. I don’t want a president like that. I don’t like Saakashvili either—but at least he’s intelligent.”
Tinatin, lecturer, 47