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Do you trust Georgian media reports of events in the Abkhazia conflict zone?

Monday, January 28
“The UN criticized the Georgian media, right? Well, I don’t know what the UN is saying, but our media’s reports are confirmed by the facts, especially in the conflict zones. We’ve seen plenty of videos showing how the Abkhaz treat the Georgians. Did the UN forget about what happened during the election?”
Mariam, lawyer, 34

“Yes, I trust the media. We know all the unfortunate events that are happening on our territory, and that’s thanks to our journalists.”
Irakli, economist, 41

“Hard to say—journalists get it wrong a lot.”
Shota, security guard, 28

“I trust about 80 percent of what they say.”
Nino, student, 18

“I don’t trust the Georgian media at all, whether the report is on the conflict zone or on pop concerts. They’re just chatterboxes.”
Giga, bank worker, 22

“Yes, why shouldn’t I trust them? Without them we would not be informed about what’s happening in our homeland.”
Lili, pensioner, 66

“I don’t have any reason not to trust the Georgian media.”
Davit, athlete, 26

“I don’t read newspapers and I don’t watch TV. I’m fed up with politics.”
Tika, painter, 22

“Of course I trust the media. I have even collections of Georgian newspapers and magazines. Your newspaper is also very objective.”
Gio, student, 19