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Wednesday, January 30 2008, #019 (1535)

Opposition issue demands, warn of more protests

Most of the country’s leading opposition parties issued a joint list of changes they say are needed for fair parliamentary elections yesterday, threatening to bring out half a million people in protest if parliament does not meet their demands. (more)

Little light shed on Abkhaz separatist leader’s Moscow trip

Speculation surrounds de facto Abkhaz president Sergey Bagapsh’s one-day trip to Moscow, where he reportedly met Kremlin officials on January 28. (more)

Elections at ICC Georgia, the National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce

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GSE board chief: global financial shakeups have little impact on Georgia

Recent turbulence on world financial markets—the worst experienced since terrorist attacks on New York in 2001—has had an impact on the Georgian stock exchange, but only on those shares in the global market, chair of the Stock Exchange Observation Board Gogi Loladze announced. (more)

Opinion poll: do you believe Saakashvili’s promises?

Less than 30 percent of Georgians questioned by the newspaper Kviris Palitra think recently re-elected President Mikheil Saakashvili will stick to his campaign promises. (more)

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“Ramaz Klimiashvili: creating a state ministry for diaspora issues is just senseless!” (more)

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