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Two children died yesterday of a gas leak from a poorly-installed heater. Are you confident your heater is safe? If not, what is stopping you from getting it checked?

Tuesday, February 26
“I’m not confident my gas heater is safe. Of course I’m afraid. I have three children at home alone all day. I have no idea how I can get it checked. I think the government should adopt a special program to check our gas heaters, as the problem is getting worse and worse”
Tamari, sales manager, 37

“I don’t know if the man who installed my gas heater was a specialist or not. I hired him from Eliava Bazroba after buying the heater. I’ve had it for a year, but I’m still afraid—I turn it off every night to be sure it doesn’t leak.”
Zviadi, worker, 53

“I have an electric heater at home. I think it’s safer than gas ones. I have children and I don’t want the risk.”
Nino, housewife, 32

“I have a Karma heater—this is the safest heater in Georgia. It’s expensive, but when I see a lot of people dying from unsafe gas heating I skimped on other expenses and saved up enough for a Karma.”
Keti, journalist, 27

“We use a Karma heater. I was thinking about getting a Nikala [brand with poor safety reputation] when I was shopping for heaters, but a lot of accidents have happened so we chose Karma. I think it was the right choice, because our heater hasn’t had any problems to date.”
Lena, painter, 41

“I’m so scared about gas leaks, especially when I hear about accidents like this. I have a Karma heater, and we try to be very careful. We’ve asked a specialist to examine it, and it works okay.”
Natia, social worker, 34

“I have a very basic gas heater. It’s the cheapest I could get at the bazroba. I know it’s not safe, but I don’t have the money for a Karma, and I don’t have children. If I had children I would do everything I could to buy a Karma.”
Shorena, housewife, 35

“I used to have a Nikala. I knew it wasn’t the best choice, but I was careful. I had it professionally installed, but I still couldn’t trust it.”
Jilda, journalist, 32

“What gas heater? I have a wood heater, but I don’t even have wood to burn.”
Natali, housewife, 48