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Would you approve of President Saakashvili ordering the use of police force to free the Georgian journalist detained in Abkhazia?

Thursday, February 28
“I would approve, of course. But then again, I think the journalist got what he deserved. He needed to be careful and realize would could happen.”
Anzori, chauffeur, 55

“I heard on TV that this is the second time this particular journalist was detained. Maybe the Russian peacekeepers are in the right on this one. But now this small situation is straining big relations.”
Avto, driller, 48

“It would be very good of Saakashvili, of course. I think it’s obligatory for him. Maybe only the president’s order can solve this.”
Tamari, sales manager, 27

“I welcome the president’s statement. He’s responsible for every citizen in this country. Russia must know that it’s no easy thing to arrest a Georgian.”
Misha, pensioner, 65

“Russian peacekeepers pretend they’re on Abkhaz territory to defend the people there. I think it’s the other way around. They violated the journalist’s rights, and I think our president gave a fair response to that.”
Lika, student, 23

“It’s a real sad situation. The government must try its best. I don’t know whether the journalist was following the law, but mistakes were made and someone has to fix things. This should be an example to journalists on why to act more carefully. They have rights, but not to do anything.”
Eka, teacher, 37

“There are special departments to take care of things like this. I think the president should refrain from making public statements. At this point in negotiations with Russia, his statement will just aggravate the situation.”
Nia, accountant, 32

“I was really angry at how the Russian peacekeepers insulted that Mze journalist. I approve of our president’s action.”
Nino, housewife, 29

“I hope everything will end and the poor journalist gets back to his family. I’m really concerned for his mother, who was sobbing and asking for her son back. I think the president said the right thing.”
Alina, hospital nurse, 54