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Re: “On Abkhazia, president’s ill-considered ultimatums create needless danger,” February 28

Tuesday, March 4
Dear Editor,

Once again I have to write you some lines due to your totally irresponsible text regarding President Saakashvili’s actions related to the Abkhaz incident. Who are you? Some foreign idiot of course, who is living a quite comfortable life in Tbilisi and thinks his duty is to advise Georgians how to behave and react in connection to the infected cases of Abkhazia and Ossetia.

I want to give you some advice; pack your trunks and go back to where you belong and spread your advice around there. It’s really embarrassing to read your political comments. Don’t you have any person in your office who can do any kind of serious political analysis?

Morgan Tinnberg,
Citizen of Georgia and Sweden