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Do you see parallels between the bloodshed in Armenia and November 7 in Georgia?

Tuesday, March 4
“Yes, this was an exact copy of the Georgian rally on November 7. Even the percentage of votes the presidential candidates won was the same. It’s terrible, and I wish no one had to go through this.”
Viola, housewife, 34

“This rally in Armenia was inspired by Georgia’s opposition demonstrations. It’s really amazing to see the same thing happen in neighboring countries as happened here four months ago.”
Levani, soccer player, 27

“I think the situation is very severe in Armenia. Here, the government didn’t dare to kill anyone—but the parallels are still obvious.”
Lela, musician, 39

“Yes, I see parallels. They have the same state of emergency, the same opposition rally with the same demands.”
Teona, student, 18

“Armenia had more serious rallies. It’s bloodier and more severe than our November 7. I think no one should do that to their own people, to the people who chose you as leader.”
Merabi, student, 21

“When I was watching this on TV, I thought it was old footage from November 7. This is terrible, and the Armenian government is copying the bad example of our government. It’s shameful and they should be punished.”
Tamuna, economist, 26

“The Armenian government did the same thing that the Georgian government did on November 7, though they were more forceful than the Georgian government.”
Rezo, driver, 54

“When police beat citizens, they’re forgetting that they’re in their own country and not at war. The Armenian government made the same mistake the Georgian government did on November 7.”
Natela, pensioner, 67

“Armenia had the same tragedy that Georgians had in November. These countries’ governments don’t know how to hold a dialogue with the people, leaving them in a weak position. Now they prefer to fight and beat people.”
Zura, banker, 31