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Who’s your favorite Georgian actor?

Friday, March 7
“I think Sofiko Chiaureli is a legend, my favorite actress. She created characters that are immortal. I like almost every film of hers and I liked her theatre performance too. I’m really saddened by her death.”
Marina, teacher, 45

“Nineli Chankvetadze.”
Nino, housewife, 32

“I like Leila Abashidze. She astonished foreign producers, but she was never fully appreciated by Georgian moviemakers.”
Ana, designer, 29

“Givi Berikashvili and Kakhi Kavsadze are the best in Georgia. They have a lot of talent and a great sense of humor.”
Shota, taxi driver, 57

“I can’t name just one, we have so much talent here. I’m really very sorry Sofiko is not with us any more. Her generation created timeless Georgian movies.”
Maia, housewife, 45

“Dodo Chichinadze is the most beautiful actress in Georgia; she is very attractive in all her films. I don’t think you can find girls like her anymore.”
Giorgi, painter, 46

“My favorite actor is Murman Jinoria—he’s a real professional. I adore him”
Ketino, teacher, 52

“Givi Berikashvili. He has done great work for Georgian cinema and has really Georgian characteristics.”
Gurami, builder, 45

“Kakhi Kavsadze. He’s played many roles and each of them is unique. He’s the Georgian actor who’d do best in Hollywood.”
Elguja, dealer, 53