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Do you think the opposition’s latest hunger strike will achieve results?

Monday, March 10
“No I don’t think so. They have already been staging protests for the past five months without any results. Hunger striking is becoming their habit and I think they’re trying to score points in the run up to parliamentary elections.”
Maiko, teacher, 45

“Everyone is tired of the ‘permanent’ protests, you know. Don’t they see that it produces nothing? Today was less people than the previous protest—it was obvious. Tomorrow will be less and so on. When the whole world supports Saakashvili and his government it is difficult to change anything.”
Tako, dentist, 32

“I hope that the opposition at last fulfils their goals gets rid of this government.”
Vano, driver, 45

“I always liked Gachechiladze and considered him a brave man, but what I heard today was quite unexpected for me. Of course we cannot like everyone and their politics but it does not call for attacking those politicians we don’t like, especially our female speaker of parliament.”
Nani, pensioner, 62

“Let’s see what happens. I’m not sure that hunger strikes achieve anything but I wish them success.”
Irakli, musician, 27

“No, they won’t get anywhere. They know it perfectly well, and this is just a PR campaign in the run up to elections.”
Nika, student, 20

“I don’t think this is a well thought-out plan from the opposition—they seem a little bit confused and I didn’t see so many people today in front of parliament. The hunger strike won’t solve the nation’s problems.”
Lena, teacher, 49

“Instead of having a dialogue with the government and fighting for their principles they sit in front of parliament. I don’t like it—it just shows they have no plan, that this is the best they can do.” Dato, economist, 31

“Our opposition have lost their chance, they’ve had many opportunities since November to achieve something, but they don’t seem very serious, or well-educated. They know that a hunger strike is not the best way to achieve their goals.” Nana, housewife, 52