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The airport’s roof blew off again. Was the airport poorly constructed, or are Georgian winds just too strong?

Monday, March 17

“The only person who said that Georgia has too windy weather was a representative of that Turkish company which built this shameful airport. Everyone knows this is the construction company’s fault.”
Lali, doctor, 51

“Georgia’s winds are just a breeze compared to what they have in America and Australia. This is the construction company’s fault, and someone should work on it seriously this time.”
Vakho, student, 20

“The people who built the airport are responsible, and so is the government, which should have known that this was not the best company. This makes me suspect the government picked this company’s bid to personally profit.”
Valeri, former athlete, 62

“The question is ridiculous. Do you think we’re idiots? The wind doesn’t matter at all. It is a mini-model of our government’s reforms. It’s like the facades on blocks of flats where they painted the front, and left the other side to crumble down from age.”
Malkhazi, businessman, 38

“It’s not the first time this has happened. Maybe the whole world is looking at us funny, while we have pretensions of meeting ‘European standards.’ Is it so difficult to fix this damn roof so it doesn’t blow off? If this is such a tough problem, what can we hope for our government to do for real problems?”
Nukri, miner, 39

“It’s the operating company’s fault, of course. It’s an airport, not some hut, and its roof needs to be strong.”
Gela, sales manager, 32

“The roof wasn’t made properly. This is frightening—people’s lives are in danger.”
Nina, hair dresser, 27

“Of course the wind was very strong that night, but it’s no excuse for the builders of the airport. Someone should do something about this.”
Vakho, economist, 31